Scond Thoughts³

So i decided to keep the blog.But i’ll add 2 more people in here as well,so i’ll just wait for their answers to finally upload the winehousepassion 2014 version!YAY

Second Thoughts²

I still don’t know what to do yet,but there’s something going on in my head like an idea,so is gonna be like this:

If i decide to maintain the blog i’ll need a second person to help me to manage it.’Cause i can’t log in as much as i wanted and if i still want to do it i’ll need someone to do it with me.

So if you’re interest in be my “co-worker” message me saying why you want it and i’ll rate the blog and make up my mind.

P.S. I hope someone’s interested tho…

omg no!! why? i love your blog omg dont delete i need to do a back up of your archive first and you are like of those blogs that inspired me to start mine <33 xx

Yes is sad,but i don’t know what to do yet!I’m pretty in doubt!Thank you honey!That really means a lot to me and i’m so happy to know that my blog inspired you because your blog is one of the most perfect ones! <3 xoxo

Second Thoughts

I’m really starting to have second thoughts about this blog….i seriously am considering deleting it.

Until next week i’ll make my mind,but if i choose to deleting i want you guys to know that i really love you and i thank all of you for your lovely words and support!Thanks for always being part of my Winehouse’ passion family.I love all of you and thank you guys,for everything!XOXOXOXO

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